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InfoAXS is the easy, secure way to carry your emergency contact and medical information with you at all times. Through your unique QR code, Quick Response information will be available immediately for first responders and medical professionals via smartphone or computer.

Your private information stays secure and you can be assured that you won’t be spending critical moments looking for papers and phone numbers in the event of a car accident, natural disaster, or medical emergency. InfoAXS can make life’s tragedies a little easier.

Registration is quick, easy, and affordable -- only $39.99 per year. Sign up now and give yourself peace of mind in minutes for only pennies per day.

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Makes Your Life Easier provides a safe and secure way to have all of your most important info in one place, including:

  • Life-threatening allergies
  • Medical Conditions
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency contacts
  • Child and pet care instructions
  • Personal and Medical journals

Gets You Help Faster provides emergency personnel with your information using a reliable web interface paired with a scannable QR code on a wallet card.

Whether you need someone to call your attorney, caregiver, family out of state or your spouse across town, InfoAXS has you covered.

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Gives You Peace of Mind is perfect for:

  • Parents of young children
  • Students away at college
  • Caregivers of elderly parents
  • Frequent travelers
  • Anyone who wants the convenience of having access to critical information at all times.

InfoAXS is ideal for people who live in areas prone to hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes or other natural disasters. When you only have minutes to evacuate, InfoAXS can ensure that you and first responders always have quick access to your most crucial medical and emergency contact information.

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Protection for the Entire Family

InfoAXS is your secure online personal information portal that allows you to provide first responders, medical personnel, and others quick, easy access to information about your medical history, emergency contacts, and personal wishes when you are critically ill, in an accident, or incapacitated for any reason. Make an account for everyone in your family--children, elderly parents or grandparents, or anyone with a serious medical condition. InfoAXS even lets you include information about your pets!

Affordable for Everyone

At only $39.99 per year, allows you to access the emergency information you need, when you need it, for only pennies per day. It’s simple: Get started quickly and share your emergency contact and medical information in minutes.

Update your information monthly, daily, or weekly--whatever works for you. We make achieving peace of mind easy, even when life is not.

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What is InfoAXS?

What is InfoAXS and how can it help you?

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